Posted on Aug 06, 2018

can be one of the most unforgettable periods in a person’s for it is so much happenings you can’t fit to one movie. Yes, it is a period of time where you are going through many changes and some might seem have no stability whatsoever. There are some moments, however that most college students are on stage of pursuing their careers. In that four years that can be a roller coaster of emotions, you will not notice how you got passed all circumstances, challenges and craziness and yet still wondering how you survive. And these basically you! From the moment you start entering college describe the feeling of excited to the moment you finally met your world to success.

This is awareness. Though college is starting place to the real world and doesn’t mean you end up here. Hey! This was the place you had all your freedom and you only need is managing it. Don’t stress and try to read this to give an amazing thoughts to your future. Here, let’s find out what times you missed.

phases of college

I’m here colleeege!

Getting to school on the first day is probably one of the most exciting feelings ever. So you start thinking of expectations and start dreaming of goals you want to achieve. Since you are on your first time, you basically had the freedom on whatever you want to do. Meeting new people and friends is easy for they also meet new ones. Now, you actually excited for everything so you start writing your pages, start building a plans for financial and thinking everything will be alright.

This actually not in my knowledge and expectation.

There you caught yourself thinking of what you must to do? You start to panic because the results beyond your expectations. This phase brings a little more maturity on your part when it comes to dealing with your college life. You proceed towards becoming an adult with a little more understanding in those matters that were of great concern to you especially choosing one in a lot of choices.

Now, I want to transfer

You found that there comes a point where the high of being in college finally wears off and you think everything is not going your way. Since you’re too busy rushing on deadlines, you feel having no friends, all alone and everything will do by yourself. This where you start thinking that the school is not for you and that you should transfer and proceed to call your mom to figure it out with her, but if you stick it out in the long run, you will realize that things get better. Things will be alright.

Now my life is ruined

And you already feel what if I didn’t stay then I can feel better? This time you feel like losing all. You have no money, you are running out of your meal plan and you haven’t slept in days. College is a struggle. You don’t know how your life is going to direction, so you just hope for the best and try and try like making the noodles last as long as you can.

Where’s my brain? is my brain dead? what.

Exams week is a time where you feel you actually drown in work, worst, life. There are so many papers you should study and read. Your stress levels are going through wherever high places and you don’t know where to find or if you’ll actually survive this track.

When Can I Go Home?

After going through a lot of events, you realize that all you want is to sleep in your own bed and to enjoy a home cooked meal especially watching your favorite movies. You don’t have to pretend you like canteen dishes and foods, well still best meal are cooked at home. And since you’re having a lot of time outside, you’ll realize you forget what it’s like to shower or worst is what actually your bedroom looks like. No need to worry, Exams week will be over and eventually you’ll go home.

I’m actually enjoying this. I really love this crap!

There comes a point in college when everything starts to come so well like you don’t want to end the day. You finally find a good group of people, know how to handle so much works and pressure but the very exciting is that you start enjoying things you do before. You also start going out with friends more often because you can now handle your time and schedule. The best feeling is like you’re on the top of the world and know how to handle this college thing life.

This is becoming real.

Actually, this phase where you found what you want to do in life with worries. Yes, because you have to worry about internships, jobs, resumes and basically how to be a fully become a functioning adult in a matter of months and then years. This time is usually spent staying up late thinking about your future and making a lot of plans and choices until you figured it out what will you do after college or what you want to be in the future.

I don’t want to leave…

Lastly, this phase where you actually realize the college life have to end. Graduation will come over the horizon and you know that things will change soon. You realize that one day you won’t be hanging out with the same friends anymore and everyone is going off to do their own things. What actually sad for life is that when you start loving everything and like to have it all over again, then things will have to end. Well that’s part, you have to move on because now you are reaching your dreams.

College is truly an experience you will never have again, and an experience that you are so lucky to have. So much lessons you’ve learned and efforts and now you’re close to achieve your dreams. It may have been an emotional roller coaster or such a long road you must walk, but it has also been some of the best and most memorable and unforgettable years, the time of your life you never want it to end.

I’m writer by vocation. So, words are my power and poetry is my real passion. Most of all I like to share own experience of everyday life with the audience and inspire people for a positive lifestyle.