Posted on Oct 06, 2018

Many couples spend weekends watching TV and laying on the sofa in living room. More romantic choice is to go to restaurant. But weekend is the most suitable time for having fun and trying to do something new.

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Here are 70 activities for fun and uncommon pastime. Enjoy!

  1. Arrange youtube-party: stock up on popcorn and show each other your favorite videos.
  2. Take a ride on the river tram.
  3. Play your favorite the child’s board game.
  4. Write an essay on “How to we spent the summer”.
  5. Feed the ducks and swans in the pond.
  6. Arrange cycling walk.
  7. Sign up for a fighting arts.
  8. Make each other massages on classic instructions for massage therapists.
  9. Buy room flowers and transplant them together.
  10. Arrange each other photo session.
  11. Cook something, on which you never have enough of time.
  12. Imagine, that you’ve just become acquainted and stage your the first date.
  13. Make a beautiful selfy, post it on Facebook and ask what couple do you look similar.
  14. Film a romantic clip about you. Just on the clip
  15. Take a tent and go camping for the weekend.
  16. Walk the dog.
  17. Read your favorite book in role-play style.
  18. Pretend that you are tourists in your own city. Try to get lost and search the desired route on the map.
  19. Disassemble your wardrobes. Decide which things need to give away for needy people, and which – to throw away.
  20. Restore any old thing – Grandma chair, for example.
  21. Go to the store and try on things that you would never have bought for yourself.
  22. Watch a horror film and tell each other scary stories.
  23. Paint each other with body-art paints.
  24. Build anything.
  25. Do puzzle on 5,000 parts.
  26. Go fishing. Do not forget to grab the pot.
  27. Sign up for a dance-class.
  28. Help somebody.
  29. Go to a rock festival.
  30. Make room cosmetic repairs by yourself.
  31. Arrange a classic picnic.
  32. Set off walk and meet someone.
  33. Watch together any famous movie and think about its sequel.
  34. Play a billiard.
  35. Sing a duet in karaoke.
  36. Ride on the rollers in beautiful park.
  37. Go to the forest and gather berries or mushrooms.
  38. Try to speak only by gestures language.
  39. Visit dolphinarium and swim with dolphins.
  40. Play in confectioners. Bake a cake and decorate it.
  41. Buy paper flashlight, make a wish and launch it into the sky.
  42. Tell each other funny secrets.
  43. Bake Fortune Cookies.  cooking together
  44. Arrange street master class.
  45. Rent a canoe and try swim to the middle of pound.
  46. Buy the most delicious alcohol and prepare cocktails according to your own recipe.
  47. Create monster on Halloween.
  48. Write funny song on the popular motive.
  49. Have breakfast in bed.
  50. Go to the zoo.
  51. Launch air snake.
  52. Spend all day in an amusement park.
  53. Organize a ride on snowmobile.
  54. Play cards for fun, put on the line any serious prize.
  55. Decorate the apartments.
  56. Go to the horse walk through the woods.
  57. Take a night car-ride.
  58. Watch together movies, which you really like.
  59. Go to the football.
  60. Meet together sunrise and sunset.
  61. Go through “serious” psychological tests together.
  62. Draw a family tree.
  63. Go to the cottage and plant an apple tree.
  64. Get your children photos and arrange evening of memories.
  65. Try to draw portraits of each other.
  66. Select any unusual museum and go there early morning when there is no one.
  67. Get started to learn foreign language together.
  68. Write down plans for joint life.
  69. Go to the spa salon together.
  70. Rent a telescope and try to find several constellations.

Do everything with love and fun! You’ll certainly remember such weekend for a lifetime.

Being a journalist is not only my profession but true purpose. I believe that there are no bad thing is our life, but only bad approach to them. If you look with positive on every situation, it will definitely change for the better.