Posted on Nov 04, 2018

Very seldom girls are satisfied with lips size. But if you are a little imperfective, these methods will be useful. Follow them and you will latch on nice lips in the home.

But first of all, make sure that you are not allergic to the ingredients, and do not carry out the procedure if there are rashes on the lips. Remember, that lips are very delicate and need as careful handling as possible.

1. Get rid of excess skin with a toothbrush or terry towel

What you need:

  • toothbrush;
  • terry towel.

peeling for lips for bigger size

To give your lips the right size and shape, start with peeling. It can be done with a toothbrush or a rough towel. Gently massage your lips in a circular motion, without pressure. If you choose a towel, moisten it with warm water. Perform the procedure for about 2 minutes. Do not use a washcloth for the body: it can damage delicate skin. Generally, you can use also sugar as a peeling basic.

2. Make a rose water mask with glycerin

What you need:

  • rose water;
  • glycerol.

To give your lips an attractive swelling, make a moisturizing mask. Rose water will rid the skin of pollution and stubborn lipstick, and glycerin will quickly return the lips fresh look. Dilute rose water and glycerin in a 1:1 ratio in containers and leave it on the lips for a couple of hours.

3. Embrocate coconut oil in the lips

What you need:

  •  1 tsp of coconut oil.

coconut oil for lips

Coconut oil may help you to gain bigger lips. Simply rub lips with it. Due to the high content of vitamin E in it, your lips will become visually larger. Do not forget to remove it carefully before applying makeup. Also, coconut oil has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that will positively affect the health of your lips.

4. Swipe a piece of fresh ginger over your lips

What you need:

  • sliced ​​fresh ginger.

To quickly increase the volume of the lips, it is necessary to provoke a rush of blood to them. Someone uses hot pepper for this purpose, but it is much more effective to apply a small piece of fresh ginger. Carefully rub your lips with it like with lipstick and let it dry a little. Wash and apply makeup. The main thing is to make sure that you are not allergic to ginger.

5. Before the shower, apply a thick layer of Vaseline on the lips and do not wash it off

What you need:

  • petrolatum.

To keep the effect of Vaseline on as long as possible, apply a large amount of product to your lips and take a hot shower. Steam will help petrolatum to make lips smoother, visually increasing them. After a shower, do not forget to remove excess Vaseline.

6. Hold a bag of green tea between your lips

What you need:

  • used bag of green tea.

Place a fresh bag in the cup, wait for it to brew, remove it, cool a little and squeeze it between your lips. Hold for at least 3 minutes. During this time, the lips’ skin will absorb all the beneficial substances. Such a simple trick will give your lips shine and volume effect (the main thing is not to use this method if you have used lipstick before).

7. Regularly perform breathing exercises

In order for your lips to acquire charming swelling for a long time, we recommend regularly performing lip gymnastics, aimed at increasing them. Relax your lips and exhale sharply. Then tighten the muscles around your mouth. Alternate about 10 times.

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