Posted on Apr 08, 2019

Maybe, there is no person, who doesn’t like to . But if you think, that vacation is always an expensive pleasure – we have good news for you. In the case of proper journey planning, you can save up to 50%.

But you definitely should count on your budget: the first and the most important rule is travel to those destinations, which you can afford. Maybe, it sounds a bit hard, but that’s true. Of course, you can sleep at the railroad station or in quick strike tent but think, what the vacation it will be? Maybe such, after which you will need one more.

cheap vacation

But to save money during the journey – it’s not a bad idea. In this case, you could see more and afford everything you want in a new city.

Planning a trip.

  • Traveling in the off-season is cheaper. See when the high season begins and try to get on vacation a couple of weeks before. So you can save up to 50% and avoid big queues.
  • Get a visa or other necessary documents by yourself, without the help of agencies, as they do not give any guarantees.
  • Paper maps are tales of the past. Install offline maps on your smartphone and save mobile traffic.
  • Always have travel insurance, even if it is not necessary according to the visa rules of the country. Medical care may be very expensive.
  • Try a crowdsourced delivery. For example, on users leave applications, asking to buy or transfer something abroad. You can provide a service and earn at the same time.
  • Consider how much time you have on vacation and starting from this plan your trip.
  • Make your daily budget. Visit the hotel booking site and find out the average room rate, look at the price of food.
  • Before traveling to museum cities, download audio guides on your phone in advance. So there will be no need to buy it in museums or other destinations.
  • Alanya instead of Fethiye in Turkey, Lyon instead of Paris in France, Brooklyn instead of Manhattan in New York – choose less promoted places for vacation. City, resort, beach with a famous name will not necessarily be better, but it will be more expensive for sure.

how to travel cheap

  • After landing at a foreign airport, it is better to turn off your mobile phone. If you do not turn off roaming on your phone, mobile applications will automatically go online – and this is not a cheap pleasure.

How to buy cheap flight tickets?

  • Book flights in advance and monitor special offers: companies periodically carry out sales – seasonal, holiday, etc.
  • Examine the presence of low-cost airlines in the direction you need.
  • Use airfare search sites, often they can propose better prices than the airlines’ sites.
  • Examine the customer communities and loyalty schemes of your favorite airlines. There are often special offers for frequent clients. For example, you can register in a special system and earn airline miles (for flights and expenses) and fly or stay in hotels for free.
  • Take a minimum of luggage with you. The low-cost airline tickets often include only hand luggage, and for a big one, you will have to pay separately.
  • In order not to track promotions manually or browse through dozens of sites with cheap tickets every day, subscribe to the weekly newsletter of airlines.
  • Most people do not like flying at night, so airlines often reduce the prices of such flights. The main thing is to think about your route in advance.

Lifehacks for cheap travels

How to choose the apartments?

  • To search for accommodation, use not only booking sites, such as but also booking metasearch engines.
  • Instead of large hotels, choose hostels and guesthouses – you will pay much less for a room of comparable quality.
  • Use Couchsurfing. If not for housing, then at least for meetings and dinner together. Locals always know non-tourist places where you can taste the most delicious, and also inexpensive dishes of national cuisine.
  • Pay attention to rental apartments (, especially if you are traveling to one place for a more or less long term.
  • If you are traveling with the whole family or simply do not like to eat outside the house, rent an apartment with a kitchen or stay in hostels where there is a common cooking area.

Moneysaving Travel Tips

Lifehacks for cheap but tasty local food.

  • Remember about snacks – it’s the best choice for sudden hunger. You can buy them at the nearest discount supermarket (Lidl, Netto, Auchan).
  • There are drinking fountains in many European cities. So you needn’t buy water in shops. Instead, you can search for them on Remember if on a fountain is written “not for drinking” or drawn a crossed out glass of water, it is better not to jerk water there.
  • Taste the national cuisine not only in tourist restaurants, but also in ordinary cafes – there you will not overpay for design and interior, and get a perfect experience of the real local cuisine.
  • In restaurant choose local and seasonal dishes. If you are on the coast, it’s no need in ordering pork, instead, try seafood and fish. In Asia, tropical fruit salads and necks are cheaper than apples and oranges.
  • Try street food. In London, for example, it’s quite a normal lunch. And it will always be cheaper.

Cheap local city transport.

  • Examine the issue with airport transfer. Some airlines offer a transfer to the city with the ticket. Find out how much a taxi from the airport to your hotel costs.
  • Tickets for transport on local sites are sometimes cheaper than on English-language sites.
  • If you are planning to travel on buses and trains, do not delay the purchase of tickets, everything can be done in advance via the Internet. It’s also a cheaper variant.

how to make travel cheaper

  • In many European cities, parking is often paid, but almost everywhere there are supermarkets where you can park your car for free.
  • If you plan to travel a lot by public transport, learn about the travel system and special travel cards.
  • In most excursions, you can get on your own, on rented or public transport – it will not always be longer and always cheaper than buying a tour.
  • You can see the main attractions of many cities from the window of an ordinary city bus.

Entertainment and shopping for free.

  • Tickets on everything can be bought in advance on the Internet. They usually will be cheaper at 5-10%.
  • If you are a student, teacher or younger than thirty, make international ISIC, ITIC or IYTC certificate for yourself. With an international ID, you can get good discounts.
  • Use discounts. Service Groupon is widely distributed both in Europe and in America, as well as in major Asian cities.
  • If sometimes you want to walk around the old city with a map, you don’t need to buy it – in non-profit tourist centers marked with the letter “I” you will most often get a free map of the city with marked tourist destinations.


  • Souvenirs in tourist places and at the airport are usually more expensive. Most often, almost all the same, you can buy in large supermarkets at lower prices.
  • Do you want free entertainment, services, and excursions in a foreign city? Google like: “Barcelona for 0 euro”, “Paris pour 0 euro” – and you will find all the information about free events in the city.
  • On the Neweuropetours, you can find free tours of 18 European capitals (and in different languages).
  • There is a “free” day in almost any museum. Perhaps it is every Sunday / every Monday / every first Tuesday of the month, and so on.
  • Find out about special tourist cards: they give a discount for transport and the most popular tourist destinations. In some cities, such cards are vouchers, buying them you can visit all museums and destination for free. It’s cheaper than buying tickets for every place.
  • Before buying, you can always bargain a little when it is appropriate.
  • Feel free to ask the locals for advice. They will be happy to tell you where inexpensive places to try local cuisine are.

We hope, that all these tips will be useful for you and will help to reduce your expenses!

And what are your money-saving travel lifehacks?

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