Posted on Jul 27, 2019

We all want happy and long . Nevertheless, sometimes you have been in a relationship for a long time and your partner is a nice guy. But you have a strong feeling, that something is wrong.

Maybe the reason is that your partner is simply not ‘the one’ for you. He may be a really good person, or even too good, but you feel like a fish out of water.

So, here are 25 signs that your partner is not definitely for you.

1. You cannot be yourself with your partner.

If you constantly have to be another person, pretend or hide some facts about yourself – this is a wake-up call.

2. You did not acquaint your partner with your friends and family.

Not even he, but you have not yet introduced him to the main people in your life. That’s because you know that they will not accept your relationship.

3. The relationship is not perfect, but comfortable.

There is nothing worse than understanding that your relationship has become a habit for you. You realize that there is no more love.

4. You cannot seriously talk to him.

If the phrase “I don’t want to talk about it” is his often answer on serious questions or he prefers to keep silent in general  –  then either he has not yet grown to a serious relationship, or it is not so important for him. Any of those situations is not quite good.

5. His only interest in life is you.

The other extreme of a dangerous relationship is the lack of own interests. Such a person will require a date 24/7.

6. When you are with the partner, you think about something else.

You cannot be with him here and now. You are, in fact, not even interested in your lover.

7. You cannot imagine your common future.

And if you can imagine, then it is either funny or very sad. You cannot dream your future children, vacations and everyday life. And sometimes you even fantasize that you are alone.

8. You are not attracted each other in sex.

Yes, it happens in life that people fit together in absolutely everything. But here’s the trouble with sex. He does not suit you, you do not excite him.

9. He is weathercock.

If he changes his work often, if the circle of his “best” friends is constantly changing, if he has a new hobby every day, then the constancy of your love is only a matter of time.

10. You are constantly quarreling.

Quarrels are in any relationship. But if quarrels are the only thing you do, then this is a reason to think.

11. He permanently compares you.

A comparison is the greatest evil that can be done to any person. If you really love someone, there is no place for compare.

12. You and the partner have different dreams.

If your and partner’s dreams do not lie even in one plane, then the future of this relationship is hard to imagine.

13. You statedly have to rationalize your relationship.

Do you often use the compensation collocations with the prefix “but” (but he is kind, but he earns well, etc.) while considering your relationship? Then most likely you are trying to drown out the inner voice that wants to tell you something important.

14. The relationship does not allow you to grow.

Instead of helping each other grow, you pull each other down. Neither partner nor you can favor one another becoming the best version of yourself.

15. None of your cronies approve your relationship.

Do you think that only you know what is better for you? We will surprise you, but others sometimes know better. Love, as we know, is blind.

And if all friends and relatives cannot understand what you have found in your partner, we advise you to listen to them.

16. You always want to change something in your lover.

Are you always throwing, how you can improve him? This means that subconsciously you do not accept this person, so you cannot build a relationship with him.

17. You do not like his voice.

It’s not about songs in the bathroom. But even about how his voice sounds. This is also a hint that this is not your man.

18. You don’t trust him.

Trust is the main pillar of love. If you always require a report from a partner about where he has been and with whom he has spoken – the end of this relationship is nigh.

19. His world annoys you.

You think his hobbies are boring, friends are ridiculous. Even things, which he’s left in your apartments, you want to hide from sight as quickly as possible.

20. You feel overwhelmed after a date.

After spending the weekend with him, you need one more weekend. That’s because his presence requires internal stress and doesn’t give you an opportunity to relax.

21. Partner’s touches are unpleasant for you.

Tactile contact is a really important thing in a relationship. But if you don’t enjoy touches or kisses, what the future of this love is?

22. You do not respect each other.

Does he roll his eyes when you talk? Do you humiliate him in the company? And does he complain about you to his parents? A relationship without respect will never flourish.

23. He is found of a thunderstorm and emotional blackmail.

This is a clear sign of an unhealthy relationship. Emotional blackmail is often presented as a strong love, but in reality, it is a control. And control, in turn, is an abuse of feelings.

24. You have no desire to answer his messages and calls.

If you really like someone, you want to send a reply message as soon as possible. Do you notice such a desire? If not, then, most likely, this is not amour.

25. There are more minuses than pluses in your relationship.

How do you rate your relationship? If you can remember mostly negative moments and hardly several positive aspects, consider whether you need to continue it.

Also if you feel, that your partner brings you only problems – find out, maybe you are in a toxic relationship?

And what are your main issues to understand, whether your lover is ‘the one’?

Being a journalist is not only my profession but true purpose. I believe that there are no bad thing is our life, but only bad approach to them. If you look with positive on every situation, it will definitely change for the better.