Posted on Nov 30, 2018

Do you like ? And what about funny memes?

We gathered the most hilarious food memes form Internet! Looking at them you’ll be amazed, how is that possible? Oh, never mind, we have the same questions!


A dose of fun for the weekend!

1. Nice car!

car food

The Cultured Ruffian/twitter

2. Real Master Chef.

master chef


3. Real egg wars!

4. When someone’s inner world is as beautiful as their appearance.


Bill Grantham/twitter

5. Who cares about makeup palettes when you can have a chicken wing sauce palette!



6. This magic spinach!


Mike Ginn/twitter

7. Recipe and reality.


Mario Castañeda/twitter

8. That’s it!

happy lucky for food

9. It’s for me!

big burger


10. Granny style

granny food


11. Who loves cheese? I love cheese.



12. Everyone likes to sleep next to their loved ones.

sleep with pizza


13. Only one piece is my portion!

Jerry Bautista Primo/twitter

14. Tasty and stylish!


15. What? Why are you looking?

cat grape

16. Greens, that I like to eat!


17. Me when someone asks whether I like pizza or not.

pizza costume


18. 3 hours of preparing and cooking to make this.

dirty dishes

19. My dietician said I can only eat one scoop of ice cream.

big ice cream portion


20. If someone asks me what sports I do.

21. The right piece of cake!

the right slice of cacke

22. And how are you struggling with stress?

23. The most emotional broccoli in the world!

emotional broccoli

And do you like these memes? Seem funny, aren’t them?

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