Posted on Nov 21, 2018

Healthy lifestyle becomes more and more popular nowadays. Information on what to eat and how to train to become healthy and live longer simply crashes on us all around.

Really, some products, which we eat aren’t so inoffensive, as we think. Others should be discarded from our fridges forever. We created a list of the most dangerous products, which lead to weight gain and obesity.


  1. Sweet drinks

This category includes soda, packaged juices, and tea, coffee with sugar. Freshes are positioned as healthy food. But due to the lack of fiber, they are actually fructose with water, which, in addition to extra pounds, can lead to indigestion. Therefore, if you want vitamins, give preference to whole fruits.

  1. Pastry products

Is it hard to live without sweet? Then choose sweets that do not contain a huge amount of unhealthy fats. Cakes with fat buttercreams are the most harmful. Also, they contain a big dose of sugar, which is a bitter enemy of your figure.

  1. A large amount of oil

The oil itself is also harmful in large quantities, due to the huge fat content. In addition, the oil has a bunch of additional preservatives, which can be carcinogenic and lead to problems with the cardiovascular system.

  1. Chips

This favorite snack is not only very harmful to the figure; it is also harmful to the body. The huge amount of the overdried butter, which these products absorb, can gather on vascular walls and cause thrombi.

  1. Fried dough

Another harmful representative of street food, which ruthlessly increases your weight and takes away health.

  1. Margarine based dough

The idea to save time and buy ready-made dough can also turn into a pair of three extra sentiments at the waist. The dough contains margarine, which is rich in harmful trans fats.

  1. Nuts and seeds in large quantities

Of course, glazed nuts are the most harmful because of a large amount of sugar. Simple nuts and seeds are healthy, as contain good fat, but are very caloric. It’s better to eat no more than 30 grams per day.

  1. Fat dairy products

In dairy products, balance is important. Fatty dairy products can harm the figure, however, it is worth remembering that completely low-fat dairy products also aren’t the best choice. To digest nutrients, you need at least a minimum fat content.

  1. Candy

First of all, those caramel candies that we eat like seeds are dangerous. Sweets contain a huge dose of sugar, which provokes the appearance of extra pounds.

  1. Baked goods from highly refined flour

Abundant use of flour will lead to weight gain. Not only buns, but pasta can play a cruel joke. Also, flour increases the level of glucose in the blood, due to a big amount of starch.

  1. Meat products and sausages

They are high in fat and salt. In addition, they have artificial preservatives. They cause changes in metabolism and provoke weight gain.

At the same time, meat products do not contain any trace elements that are beneficial to our health, neither vitamins nor minerals.

  1. Ready-to-eat salads and supermarket food

Vegetables, used in salads, are low in calories. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about the high-calorie sauces, which are used in the preparation of these dishes.

If the salad is filled with mayonnaise or has bacon, cheese, crackers, and nuts in its composition – it is better not to choose it because of high-calorie content.

It is not recommended to buy ready-to-eat food from the supermarket at all. This food is often prepared by frying in butter and from low-quality products.

  1. Ice cream

One of the most harmful ingredients of ice cream is sugar. It causes an increase in glucose level in blood.

Therefore, it is recommended to replace ice cream with homemade desserts based on fruits and vegetables that do not contain dairy products.

  1. Sushi

Mayonnaise, cheese, and various savory sauces are used in the preparation of rolls. Therefore the energy value of the dish increases.

As a result, the rolls become the same high-calorie food like fast food.

  1. Smoothies

It is a mixture of fruits, berries or vegetables, ground in a blender. The drink is very nutritious, quickly saturates and restores strength.

But if you want to lose weight, carefully consider the ingredients for a smoothie, because many of them are quite nutritious. Do not get carried away with high-calorie supplements: ice cream, cream, banana or sorbet.

  1. Yogurts

If you decide to lose weight, then use home-made dairy products. Yogurts and curd desserts with sweeteners and flavor enhancers will not be the “friends” of your figure. A 300 ml bottle of yogurt of one popular brand in our countries contains about 6 teaspoons of sugar.

  1. Alcohol

Most alcoholic beverages not only whet the appetite but also contain a considerable dose of sugar. For example, in 100 ml of tequila, there are 2 tsp. of “sweet gold”.

  1. Cheeses

All cheeses can lead to fullness – both hard and especially elite varieties. Their whole danger lies in the high-fat content of any cheese. Therefore, a day is recommended no more than 40 grams of cheese.

  1. Breakfast cereals

In “wonderful” breakfast cereals is just sugar. So firstly – read the composition before buying. Secondly, if possible, replace the flakes with bran.

  1. Energy bars

Perfect for snacking before high-intensity training, jogging or cycling. And only in these cases. Sugar and simple carbohydrates, which most bars contain, will help bring the workout to the end, but if you eat them and stay in front of the computer, nothing good will happen.

And what are your secrets for slimming?

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