Posted on Nov 26, 2018

Are you feeling tired after a long working day in the office? It’s because you are sitting in almost the same position for 8 hours. This stresses the joints and muscles.

fitness in office

So make it a rule to do little workout during the working day. It will take several minutes but will relieve your body and improve blood circulation.

The eyes are tiring most of all during a workday.

And here is a block of small exercises that will help you keep your vision for longer.

  1. Close your eyes and squeeze them tightly for a few seconds. Open your eyes and do not blink for 5–10 seconds.
  2. Do horizontal eye movements from left to right and vice versa.
  3. Do the vertical movement of the eyes up and down.
  4. Do circular movements of the eyes: clockwise and in the opposite direction.
  5. Do eye movement diagonally. First, you need to squint your eyes in the lower left corner, then in a straight line move the gaze up to the right angle.
  6. Slowly bring your finger to the bridge of the nose, watching its tip.

Sitting in your workplace, you can do invisible gymnastics for muscles.

Firstly, lift your heels off the floor, straining your legs, and then your socks. After squeeze and unclench glute muscles. Lean back in your chair, straighten your back, slowly inhale and exhale, tensing core muscles. Then move and push the blades.

If you have more time, we suggest doing this small set of exercises.

1. Tapping

Quickly tap the toes under the table.

2. Use the stairs

If you want to stay in shape, forget about the elevators. You can jump over two steps from time to time.

3. Running on the spot

Rise from the chair and make a run on the spot, without departing from the workplace.

4. Wander on office

Another way to warm up is simply to walk around the office. For example, go to colleagues with whom you need to discuss the issue instead of calling them.

5. Pull out the spine

Stand near the table, put your feet at shoulder-length and climb on the socks. Hold up at the top and then lower your heels to the floor. Repeat this several times.

6. Handshake

Sit down; place your legs on the floor. Then clasp your hands, as if you were shaking hands with yourself (the thumb of one hand will be at the top and the other at the bottom). Then pull your hands. Hold in this position for 10 seconds. Then relax. Repeat several times.

7. Wings

Stand, lower your arms, and turn your palms back. Then move the outstretched arms back and up, hold for a few minutes and lower. Repeat several times.

8. Shrug

Sitting on a chair, lift both shoulders as high as possible, hold for a few seconds, and then relax, dropping your shoulders.

9. Stretch the neck

Slowly bring the right ear to the right shoulder while taking a deep breath. Return the head to its original position by exhaling. Repeat the exercise for the other side. Shoulders should be lowered, back straight.

10. Stretch your arms

Weave your fingers together with your palms out and slowly raise your arms above your head, reach for your hands up for 30 seconds, feel the stretch from your waist, breathe deeply.

11. Twisting sitting

Sit up straight in your chair and twist your upper body to the right, leaving your hips in place. Slowly turn right as far as possible, and then turn your head in the same direction, look back over your right shoulder. Do it visa versa.

12. Stretching for the lower back

Sit in a chair, legs spread wider than shoulders. Slowly lean forward, completely relaxing your back and neck. Hang your head and relax as much as possible. Hang in this position, feeling the muscles of the waist and back stretch.

13. Posture exercise

Put one hand up and one hand down, bend both hands at the elbows and link the fingers behind the back into the lock. Bend your back to try to reach your wrist. Then do this exercise again, just change hands.

Are you ready to do this small exercise complex every day?

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