Posted on Nov 11, 2018

Everyone comes through such moments, when feel the apathy to work, unwillingness to do something, a gloomy and depressed mood.

Even such basic actions as cleaning or ironing become difficult from the physical and mental sides. If you are in depression – keep these 15 ways at hand!

Method 1: Take a contrast shower

Cool water and contrast shower have always been human true friends. You will feel a surge of vitality and a pleasant shake-up. So go to bathroom and banish depression.

Method 2: Sleep longer

sleep overcome depression

Sleep is a magic doctor. When you are depressed – you need to sleep longer. In sleep you relax and do not think about problems.

Method 3: Change your weekdays

Go to the exhibition, to the theater, to the cinema, buy sausages and go to forest – do anything to distract yourself. Even walk through the park, slowly, without haste, watch people, nature. It will inspire you, improve mood, and also relieve depression.

Method 4: Do sports

Active physical exercises will raise your spirits, increase your tone, you will be proud and feel confidence and satisfaction. After physical training, your negative and restless thoughts will recede from you. Furthermore, you will gain a toned and beautiful body.

Method 5: Travel and discover new things

Take a few days of vacation and go to an unfamiliar place with your family, with friends – it is so interesting and exciting. Remember – any trips distract from negative thoughts and irritation.

Method 6: Read fascinating books

books overcome depression

A fascinating and interesting book completely distracts you from depression, from the gray and boring everyday life. It will help you to collect all your thoughts in a handful and give you spiritual and moral strength.

Method 7: Find your hobby

Try to find yourself some fascinating occupation for the soul, which you can do in free time. It could be: creativity in the kitchen and invention of new recipes, fascinating photos of animals, learning Chinese and much more.

Method 8: Meet friends

If you have a close friend, to whom you can tell everything, try to speak with him frankly, pour out your soul.

Method 9: Make a small rearrangement in house

You know, there are people who just need to rearrange all their belongings on the table or in the apartment – and depression is blown away like a wind! Try this way.

Method 10: Go to an aromatherapy session

arome overcome epression

Aromatherapy session is great uplifting; it reduces depression and internal anxiety. Orange, lavender, grapefruit, geranium essential oils are best suited for this purpose. You can safely inhale the essential oils from the bottle, use them as a massage.

Method 11: Try something new

Trying s new hobby, learn something or even try a new food. It will help boost your spirits.

Method 12: Help someone else

Volunteering can make you feel better. You will get feedback, and this is a lot.

Method 13: Keep a mood diary

This will help you to track any changes in your mood. It can also help you to notice that some actions, places, or people make you feel better or worse.

Method 14: Take care of yourself

Cosmetic procedures will not only improve health, but also a reflection in the mirror. And as a result – your mood.

Method 15: Stop cursing and blaming yourself

Fighting depression is a long process, relapses occur. Do not scold yourself for emotions, just experience this period.

There are also many natural products, which can help to overcome depression.

Banana. This miracle fruit contains such a useful substance as the harmana alkaloid, which causes bliss and euphoria!

Chocolate. This honorable product should be every day on hand! Cocoa grain contains phenylethylamine, which helps to secrete “happiness hormone” endorphin in the human body.

chocolate derpession

Pepper chili. It contains capsacin, which raises the sink.

Oatmeal. A little secret – oatmeal contains such useful substances as magnesium and thiamine, which are called “vitamins of optimism”.

Cheese. Cheese has a high ability to lift a person’s mood; it is rich on amino acids: phenylethylamine, tyramine, trictamine.

Salmon. Fish Salmon contains a huge amount of vitamin D. Salmon also contains omega-3 fatty acids. Scientists believe that these acids are the most avid enemies of depression!

Sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds contain violet acid and fiber. They support the normal nervous system.

And remember – the main thing is to smile more often! Get out of every problem situation as a strong, seasoned person.

Being a journalist is not only my profession but true purpose. I believe that there are no bad thing is our life, but only bad approach to them. If you look with positive on every situation, it will definitely change for the better.