Posted on Aug 31, 2018

Eashan Misra – Mr. Kalopsia, a talented self-taught visual, and digital artist in India, who creats unbelievable pictures. He couldnn’t see his life without creativity and so he makes non-understandable picture by manipulations with photo. Some of his works make us wonder: how could it be? why is it so?

gir in cat eye

music swimming pool

Eashan works as a graphic designer and a digital marketer with a background in advertising and brand development. He has over 19,000 followers on Instagram and counting.

Guy in space looks at jellyfish

He says he’s extremely passionate about design & communication and in the constant search forgreater productivity. He also has an inclination towards art, piano and swimming. 

Look at the stars, look how they rhyme for you

The Eyestronaut series! Which one’s your favourite?

“Hey dad, is that a cloud making machine?”
“Unfortunately no, son.”

One giant swing for mankind

What expense, really?

The artist’s dreams have such a look. And what do your dreams look like?

Destination unknown

Next goal, stars!

Every person is a space

It’s important to choose the direction. To choose the vector of your future

Eashan Misra shows the unreal background of the reality and opens our eyes. Sure, he opens the eyes… to put the astronaut in front of them!

If you want to see more, follow the Instagram @mr.kalopsia

For me being myself against all odds is the most important, that’s why I decided to be a publicist. I really believe that everything is possible until you want.