Posted on Aug 01, 2018

The company delivered the long-awaited (well, since this time last year) details on its new iPhones, the flagship Max, its little buddy the and a mainstream replacement for the iPhone x, the iPhone XR. Plus, the Apple Watch Series 4 goes all-in on health with a built-in ECG and more.

As usual, the Apple Store went down in advance of the new product announcements.

Of course, the Twitterverse was buzzing with about Apple’s newest iPhones (especially the hefty price tag). Check out some of the Internet’s funniest reactions to the release of the iPhone XS and XS Max.

If you haven’t heard, Apple has launched its new iPhones and this time around, the company has gone with an even weird naming scheme for its iPhones. The tech giant has launched three smartphones with the names iPhone XR, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max where the XR is said to be an ‘affordable’ iPhone.

But how affordable is Apple’s cheapest iPhone? Well, the iPhone XR price in India will start from Rs. 76,900 and while many might think that it’s an ok-ish pricing for a new iPhone, they might also be die-hard iPhone fans. Why? Because the iPhone XR, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are still way too expensive for some users who don’t think that spending Rs. 1 Lakh on an iPhone is the best decision you could make.

apple watch meme bottle of red from Chris

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So, what will be the next level of jokes?

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