Posted on Aug 06, 2018

They say FREE WORLD but the truth is that it is not as free as you can think. In fact, there are more than a dozen places on our planet that you can not access. From exclusive clubs to shelters of Armageddon and Ultra-secret military bases. In this article, let’s take a look at the fifteenth forbidden places on the surface of the planet.

1. Snake Island

Snake Island

Snake Island is a small island off the coast of Brazil that contains 4000 of the farthest snakes on the planet. It’s known as home of the extremely venomous golden lance head viper along with many other deadly species. Its poison is so powerful that it can dissolve human flesh. The island was considered so dangerous that the Brazilian government prohibited visitors from accessing it.

2. The Bohemian gorge

The Bohemian gorge

This is really strange. It’s something that comes out almost from a Hollywood cult movie. The Bohemian Groove is a 2,700-hectare rural complex located in California. It is believed that the land is owned by a private art club based in San Francisco called the Bohemian Club. In the past, presidents such as Richard Nixon and Herbert Hoover participated. Women are not allowed. It turns out that every summer the Bohemian Club organizes a two-week camp in the forest where the most influential people in the world meet. Did they worship reptilian gods?

3. The Secret Archives of the Vatican

The Secret Archives of the Vatican

No, it’s not just an old library. The Vatican Library is one of the most secret and largest libraries on the planet. As a matter of fact, only a few number of people have access to the wonders contained in the vaults. The ancient Mayan manuscripts in ancient books that “presumably” are evidence of extraterrestrial contact, say that the secret archives of the Vatican have everything and are another place on Earth that can not be accessed.

4. North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island

This is one of the few places on earth that houses totally isolated places. They get greet the strangers with a rain of arrows, so seriously, do not go there. You will not be stopped. You are going to die.

5. Fort Knox

Fort Knox

Fort Knox is a reserve that houses the gold bullion reserve of the United States and a host of other national treasures. It is considered one of the safest places on the planet. It is protected by some 30,000 soldiers and a flotilla of attack helicopters. The Golden Arch is presumably protected by a 22-ton explosion-proof door, and visitors are strictly prohibited.

6. RAF Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire, England

RAF Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire, England

One of the most secret complexes in Europe and one of the strangest. These fascinating and rather strange structures provide communication and intelligence support to countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States.
This complex is so vast It has been cataloged as the largest electronic monitoring station in the entire planet.

7. The Vault of the Seeds of Svalbard

The Vault of the Seeds of Svalbard

Another really interesting place that you can not access. It was built to conserve seeds that could be used in the event of a catastrophic environmental disaster. Only a few people have access to the safe. In fact, even countries that have seeds can not access the site.

8. Pine Gap Australia

Pine Gap Australia

Get to know the Australian version of Area 51. Pine Gap is located in Central Australia and is managed by the Australian government and the Central Intelligence Agency. In Australia it is the only place strictly designated as a no-fly zone and is used as a monitoring station. It is said that the secret installment done in this area manages several drone band programs.

9. Area 51, Nevada

Area 51, Nevada

Now that we have mentioned Area 51, it is also one of the most secret and best protected places on the surface of the planet. This military base is located in Nevada, about 80 kilometers from downtown Las Vegas. According to official reports, the main objective of the base is the research and development of aeronautical and experimental weapons. Interestingly, its existence was recognized only in 2013 and until then the government has declared that the base does not exist. Many people believe that the base does not house revolutionary systems of aviation and armament, but hosts technology from another world.

10. The Caves of Lascaux, in France

The Caves of Lascaux, in France

The Lascaux caves in France contain ancient cave paintings that date back more than 17,000 years, created by the first humans that represent animals and curious geometric shapes. The caves have been an area without access since 1963. Since then, the caves have been threatened by a strange invasion of fungi that threatens the integrity of the paintings.

11. The Secret Dome of the Mormon Church

The Secret Dome of the Mormon Church

The secret vault was built on the side of a mountain and once was a secret, controlled by heat. According to reports, more than 3 billion pages of data on genealogy and family history of Americans continue. Although visits are offered from time to time, most of the vault is completely forbidden.

12. Office 39 in Pyongyang, North Korea

Office 39 in Pyongyang, North Korea

Obviously located in North Korea, Room 39 is also commonly known as Office 39. It is a secret organization whose objective is to find ways to obtain foreign currency for Kim Jong-un, president of the Workers’ Party of Korea. It was founded in 1970. The secret organization has been described as the “center” of the “economic tribunal” of North Korea. The data in room 39 is very limited, but it is believed that this organization has more than 20 bank accounts in Switzerland and China and is used for money laundering and other illegal operations. The secret group has more than 130 commercial companies that are under its jurisdiction and directly controlled by Kim Jong-un. We know very little about what is happening in their perimeters.

13. Mezhgorye, Russia

Mezhgorye, Russia

It is believed that Mezghorye is a Russian secret site for nuclear missiles. It is one of the most secured and protected places in Russia, where two permanently fixed battalions guard the base and prevent anyone from accessing it. It is said that the base contains automatic ballistic missiles that can be activated remotely in case of a nuclear attack that can be detected by seismic, light and pressure sensors.

14. Disney Club 33

Disney Club 33

One of the most expensive clubs on the planet. Few people know, but Club 33 at Disney world has a long waiting list of 14 years. If it is on the list, a membership fee of $ 40,000 is required. In addition, it must be the annual fee of $ 27,000. The club is completely within the limits of the public. Its members include presidents, businessmen and American actors.

15. Google Data Center

Google Data Center

Google eRun Internet and its data center are also monitored as Area 51. It is a high security site that contains billions of records of our DATA. You can not access, ever.

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