Posted on Nov 06, 2018

Audrey Spencer is the most known “cat lady” within the boundlessness of the Internet.

She works as artist and industrial designer. But at night she becomes a SnapCat artist and a tale-teller about . Her latest project is related with creating funny images, by photoshopping her pets in it.

Her 2 cats are involved in project:  Oscar is 4-year-old Norwegian Forest Cat and Maya, which uses all her charm to get a new batch of food.

From “Snapshot” to “Photoshop”, Audrey’s pets are represented in all of her art projects.

Scroll down to see Oscar and Maya in the most incredible images and situations: in avocado, instead of owl head and Britney Spears’ boa!

audrey spenser (2)

audrey spenser cat funny snapchart

audrey spenser cat leo

audrey spenser cat snapchart

audrey spenser

cat avocado audrey spenser

cat bird audrey spenser

cat birds audrey spenser

cat boa shakira audrey spenser

cat owl audrey spenser

cat panda audrey spenser

cat rabbit audrey spenser

funny cat audrey spenser

rabbit cat audrey spenser

More Audrey Spencer’s works here.

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