Posted on Nov 08, 2018

Motivating posts on Facebook often suggest turning a hobby into a job. It’s not always a good idea: if you make your hobby a work, how will you relax then?

And yet you should not deduct hobbies in a case of earnings. You always can share the final product of your passion with those who are willing to pay for your work.

So we created a list of hobbies, that will help you to earn money.

1. Hand-made

Hand-made is the most obvious way to make money. The list of hobbies in this area is very big:

  • knitting (crochet and knitting);
  • embroidery;
  • the creation of toys;
  • scrapbooking;
  • soap making;
  • creating homemade cosmetics and perfumes.

hand made hobby

Do not forget about the rule of 10 thousand hours. Due to it, so many hours you’ll need to become a real professional. Do not skimp on advertising, participate in contests.

2. Computer games

You can, of course, hit at eSports. But it’s easier to grow characters. There are people, who do not want to play weak heroes. Some of them are willing to pay for high level characters. To participate in the transaction, you just need to have the right product.

And remember about time-honored gameplay streaming.

3. Board games

You can organize tournaments or gatherings of like-minded people, hold corporate parties for those who want to pass the time actively. For mass events playground will be required. Look at  time-cafes, libraries and shops of board games.

4. Drawing

You can draw pictures, sell them on photostocks, make posters, illustrations, and create stickers for instant messengers. It depends on what you draw and what techniques you know.

5. Plant breeding

There are huge communities of people who buy saplings of indoor and garden plants by internet. If you are a passionate agronomist, it’s time to put on the Internet photos of your plants and begin earn on this.

6. Video editing

If you like to edit videos, but you do not have ambitious plans to create copyright content, you can offer your services to someone else. Many will be interested in such services, ranging from video bloggers to large companies that urgently need a motivational video.

7. SMM

For example, if you have the talent to create memes, search funny pictures and videos with the most hilarious cats of the Internet, many resources will be willing to pay for it.

8. Blogging


Your own blog, public or Instagram page aren’t the easiest way to make money. Another approach is to achieve payments from the site where you post content.

9. Fitness

If you have succeeded in sports, you can help others. However, you need to be certified. Now there are many online trainers, who work without any certificates, but it is better not to do that. Otherwise, you risk earning not only money, but also a stains on karma.

10. Cooking

The services of home pastry chefs are popular. People want to eat, so culinary services will always be in demand.

11. Overexposure of animals

Do you love animals, have a large apartment and work with a free schedule? Try to become a nanny for someone else’s dog, cat or hamster, when their owners go on vacation.

12. Repair of equipment

If everything works fine at home, but the screwdriver and soldering iron keeps you on the hope, repair other people’s things – for a fee, of course.

13. Photography

There are several ways to make money in this segment, and they are well-known:

  • hold photo shoots;
  • sell pictures on stocks;
  • take photos for newspapers and magazines;
  • offer related products (photo books , photos on canvas and so on).

The higher skill and fresher ideas are – then the greater the chance of success will be.

14. Shopping support

If you like shopping, masterly memorize the entire shop range and know how to find the right things – many fashionmongers will need your services.

15. Focuses

Your childhood dream has come true: you know how a rabbit appears in a hat, and how three balls turn into one. But a magician, like any artist, needs spectators. Which, by the way, are often willing to pay if you show your art at their holiday.

What other hobby can you monetize successfully? Share ideas in the comments.

Being a journalist is not only my profession but true purpose. I believe that there are no bad thing is our life, but only bad approach to them. If you look with positive on every situation, it will definitely change for the better.