Posted on Sep 12, 2018

Comedian Jeff Wysaski creates brilliant product parodies and distributes them in local stores. Why? For the lulz, of course. He also makes the fake adverts and has over 106 thousand followers on Instagram.

There are a lot of pranks Jeff created: among them are adverts in the magazines and newspapers, just Internet , promotions, blurbs and adverts. make funny things for a living. Everything you see there was made with his own two hands (and sometimes an elbow or two). Everything else on the site was personally collected by him from the far nethers of the Internet. He says he lives, breathes and eats the Internet (also, sandwiches). The only key event he mentioned in his life was “Got stuck in a hammock and had to call my mom to come help me out”.

So we see, that such a person should be extremely creative and sarcastic. Let’s ensure ourselves!




Two pics that shows real problens with spiders, not that arachnophobia.


Say you don’t wonna be lonely no moreto the whole world.


Be friendly, be happy.


Sports humour for those who like and dislike sports.


You can see more on Obvious Plant Instagram @obviousplant

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