Posted on Jun 21, 2019

Our life is full of small, but so annoying problems, which no one could have solved for ages. For example, someone’s jarring perfume, water drops on glasses, sweat on the face or dropping the phone.

But Matt Benedetto could solve any of them. He is a product designer and creates these necessary things, even if no one asks him for this. Unnecessary Inventions is his brand. The man is sure: products development is his calling.

So here are his 15 most interesting creations for a non-existent problem in our daily life.

The Neckl-ICE


That’s the right thing for this hot weather. You just need to freeze the necklace in special forms and put it on your neck.

Cuisine Curtain


Now you could enjoy your meal in complete privacy, no one will see your chewing. Just put the curtain on your nose.



Dropping your phone on the face hurts. The NASA grade suction cup helps to handle your phone, so now you could watch a new TV series with comfort.

Heels Wheels


You like high heels, but it’s difficult to walk in stilettos? Just buy these wheels and slide them onto your favorite pair.



Perspiration annoys everyone. This device will help you to remove sweat and make this summer easier.

The FrustrationBuckle


The handy new belt buckle will help you to clear the way. Just push this big red button and surrounding persons will definitely know what to do.



These pint-sized hard hats will prevent your toes from stubbing. Show your furniture who’s the boss here!

The PersonalSpacinator


Every introvert needs this thing for reclaiming personal space. You don’t need to explain anything, just get into PersonalSpacinator.



You may like the rain, but your smartphone definitely doesn’t. A small umbrella will secure your phone from humidity. Don’t care only about yourself, but about your phone.



Save this world from plastic straws – here is rugged plastic carrying case for a metal straw! It has magnets for perfect snapping.

The Smellmet


This helmet spins a high powered fan around your head, it’s designed to dispel any foul smells.

The Damn That Bathroom Handle Is Gross I Ain’t Touching It


You know this situation: you’ve just cleaned your hands and here is dirty bathroom handle. This handle grip extension will help you to open the door, without touching that dirty item.

The ReadyNapper


This small pillow has two elastic straps, so you can sleep almost everywhere and pass the time in trains and planes more pleasant.



There is no more need to take two bottles for you and your friend. Just buy this dual-sided squirt bottle.



This device has water detecting sensors, so it could automatically wipe water drops from your sunglasses.

And what invention would you buy? Tell us in comments. 

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