Posted on Aug 02, 2018

They say, being single in your group really sucks. You have to get through to their different happenings of their love life not your life. Being the only single person out of your group feels sad, lonely, and depressing. Yes, because first, you can’t force dating when you’re really not ready, and second, you can’t just wish their happiness away. What happens if you’re the only person in a with all of your single friends? Do you know what actually happen? Well, you’ll see how these couples in a group of single friends gonna relate the feelings. Let’s check these out.

1. The search for new couples friends is real.

It’s not about leaving your single friends or replace them but you can’t deny, you’re hoping to meet other people in a relationship. Though, finding your perfect other half is hard, but finding another couple of like-minded, fun people to hang out with, is even harder. And when it comes, you totally grab it like you conquer the world and knew it’s very uncommon.

2. You’re automatically become your friends’ lookout

Being in relationship, you have the habit of looking for your partner of what he/she’s doing or whose with him/her. When all of your friends are looking for everyone else and you actually become the lookout for your friends’ potential bae because you don’t need to look for yourself anymore.

3. Your wants vs your friends’ wants

Being in a relationship, you search for things that may actually do with couples. You want to do couple-like group activities weekly, like game nights and dinner parties, despite knowing your friends really don’t want to.

4. Sometimes, you need to be hard worker and must be hard thinker.

And when they always want you to make spontaneous decisions, but you know to yourself it’s never that easy because you want to consult your other half first. Well, it might have the real world war 3.

5. Yes, you do have the proof receipts!

Whenever your partner tries to tell a story of what “actually happened” to your mutual friends, you have the receipts to back up your side. No wonder!

6. You have to manage your swiping skills.

While all your friends are busy swiping right on love, you’re swiping through which pizza toppings you both want for your Netflix binge or what movie will watch next, and it’s actually exhausting.

7. You have to check in with your friends if you’re still normal.

Since you’ve been in your happy relationship bubble for too long, you have to check in with your friends every once in a while to make sure you’re still behaving like a normal person or just you forget how to be human?

8. Friends knows ‘The invite one, go two’ theory.

Well, it’s not theory anymore because it’s proven. You don’t have to speak neither of them because your friends already know the unspoken rule: You always need a plus one to every wedding, vacation, and group hang.

9. They notice something sweet but weird.

When your partner and you both together for a long time, you’ll notice having the exact same interests, style, wants and mannerisms and they like to call you both weird. You just only need to deal with it.

10. How to calm PDA sessions

When your around with your single friends, there’s a need of tone down PDA sessions because they don’t understand true love or might actually awkward for everything.

11. Sometimes, you need to be ninja.

You both can’t deny it, So you try to sneak in kisses whenever you can like the smooth ninja you are.

12. You have to be immune of ‘Don’t care’ talks and faces.

Talking about your crazy love life, you have to tolerate hearing everyone’s two cents about your relationship any time you have a disagreement or moments in front of your friends.

13. You can have fun or can’t have it anymore.

Being in a relationship might call you crazy. Sometimes, you get a good laugh when your friends wrongly assume that you’re both attached at the hip 24/7 or you just think that you can’t have fun anymore, cause you’re in a relationship.

14. Sometimes, it’s all 3 in 1.

Because you both know that you can be fun, independent, and in a relationship, all at the same time.

Going through phases of looking for friends have this all kinds of experience and you just being calm while others can’t help it anymore. It’s not a matter of what life you need to be. Or what status of love life you must have, but true friendship come despite of all flaws, weaknesses and craziness. You’ll notice everything either you’re important or more important and that’s what you call love life!

I’m writer by vocation. So, words are my power and poetry is my real passion. Most of all I like to share own experience of everyday life with the audience and inspire people for a positive lifestyle.