Posted on Jul 27, 2018

Aside from being blessed in looks, these supermodels follow a care routines that keep having great looks every day. There’s a lot of secret routines and some of them revealed their secret hacks thus, every girl wants to look like a supermodel once a while. Now, you can improve and elevate your looks and lifestyle along with these best tips that supermodels revealed. Let’s see what those secrets are and what tips are missing in your routines.


1. Drinking a lot of water

Applying makeup and other facial cosmetics are one thing can add to highlight ’s beauty but the best secrets to those clear and smooth skin are cause by right water intake. Models always make sure their body are hydrated every day. These can help them looks younger, glowing and have spotless skin. It’s also recommended that you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. So if you want a perfect skin, don’t forget this number 1 tip.

2. Correct supplements

Vitamins are very vital especially for someone having a strict diet. You need more Zinc and other Vitamins that’s very important to your body. Less sunlight means your body needs more Vitamin D and if you are vegetarian, you require more Vitamin B12. To add one important rule in this tip, It’s best for you to consult your doctor or with a certified nutritionist.

3. Rule During Work-out

You should remember that sweat and makeup have negative result to your skin that can leave you clogged pores and breakouts. It is recommended that you should wash your face to remove makeup before workout and once you finish workouts, wash again so that the sweat will wash out and helps you soothe your skin.

4. Put Ice in the Face

Many of the models use this routine and proved by Victoria’s Secret Model Jasmine Tooks. She said that, to keep her face firm and fresh, put a piece of ice on face to gently massage skin every morning. Though this trick may not feel too pleasant in the morning, but the models swear by this method. This can also be done during night to include in your skin care routine. You can do this by wrapping some ice in a cloth or splash your face with some icy water to puff quickly. Using ices to face at night helps to tighten skin and help blood circulation.

5. Using Moisturizer Instead of Makeup.

The most important thing you must do to keep your skin soft and healthy is to always use moisturizer. There’s a lot of products you can use, just rely to what suits for your skin. Most of the models, use only natural products like coconut oil or olive oil. So if you’re dreaming to have a beautiful skin like those popular models, you should include it on your skin care routines.

6. Serious Skin Care Routines

You can’t achieve healthy, clear and smooth skin, if you don’t follow your skin care routines. With wearing makeup all day and a lot of happenings and exposures, you should have a consistent night skin care habit. You can do this by applying the first step, wash your face or remove makeup before going to bed. This can help your skin calm down and makes your skin hydrated from cleansing. You always remember that these routines are very helpful, you just only stick with it. Thus, you can enjoy your skin all day without worrying.

7. Eat Right

When a lot of people worrying for their food to eat, these models are only very particular about the foods or drinks they take. It includes a lot of fruits especially having nutrients good for the skin, green vegetables and other healthy food habits. Most of them have consulted to their nutritionist so that they are aware of their nutrients and foods they eat. You must remember that the food you eat may reflect to your body and your face.

8. Cleansing and removing makeup

It is simply wash your face. Removing makeup all over your face end you up a radiant skin result. With those all day exposure to makeup, you must treat your skin a cleansing break. It helps your skin to avoid  damages in skin and health risks, plus less worries.

9.  Take a break. Rest!

Though models have strict schedules, you must not think that they work all day or rock all night. These supermodels had secrets on maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle by taking a rests and enough sleep. You knew that sleeping at least 8 hours a day can keep you healthy and reduce health risks problems. That’s why you see those successful models can rock and slay confidently.

10. Do blends.

One secret tip to all models or soon to be models, is to use multiple makeup base. This swear by most makeup artist to create a perfect look without looking overly caked on. When most of people only knew a particular foundation color works for their whole face, supermodels actually using a couple different products thus they can achieve more effective in creating a stunning looks. I don’t say you’re required to follow this tip, everyone has their own unique ways and beauty habits, this only means that combination is one of the key.

11. Sunscreen Protection

Though supermodels always had exposure doesn’t mean they want to be tanned or become dark. These supermodels knew what’s bad for the skin and too much exposure to sun might be dangerous. Using sunscreen when you go outside helps your skin protects for further damage and skin problems.

12. Don’t Stress Yourself Too Much

One and only secret key to a beauty and stunning looks of these supermodels is having a positive thoughts and beliefs throughout the day. Though there are times, bad vibes or moods come, instead of stressing out their selves to work, they simply put in their mind the one step away to go throughout the day. I’m not saying that all those smiles you’ll see on the TV, magazines or photographs means they are totally happy or beyond that, this only means having  beautiful positive thoughts makes your appearance looks stunning and good.

They all believe that having a good and healthy lifestyle have a huge positive impact to the body and living. Following these steps and tips might be helpful achieving your dreams, in addition for you to know it’s also beneficial for your health and living. Make your dreams become reality in one simple start and changes, then all things will be well followed according to what you’ll hoping for. Smile and go slay all day!

I’m writer by vocation. So, words are my power and poetry is my real passion. Most of all I like to share own experience of everyday life with the audience and inspire people for a positive lifestyle.