Posted on Aug 10, 2019

Do you have a ? Oh, so you know how haughty they could be. But also cats are rather clever, sometimes even clever than people. Cats live in deep harmony with the world and subtly feel all its changes. That’s why people often ascribe them mystical qualities and even compose horoscopes for cats.

Cats always know what to do in a current situation, basing on accumulated experience and instincts from numerous generations of ancestors.

And here are 10 hilarious times when cats show, that they are clever than we think!

Who is the champion? Cat is a champion!


Why should a cat catch mice? Who has created this rule?

Oh, love could conquer any fortress.

Masterclass of dragging box.


Hero race to rescue! Small, pussy hero!

Cat preventing a tiny human from getting into trouble.

I’ll teach you how to stroke.

Human, what are you eating?

Not human choose cats, but cats choose human!

Oh, he is so tiny and so lovely.

Do you admire these videos? Do you like cats?

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