Posted on Jun 19, 2018
Always having a hard time with your partner? The best thing you can do to your is to learn how to make her happy. It might seem not just easy to understand but it’s less complicated when you already know what the things that matter most to her.
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Once you know how to make her happy, it’ll be just easy for you. In fact, women are very hard to understand, very complicated and very sensitive when it comes to things that are more valuable and matter most to them. There are so many things that you can do to make her happy, making both of you happy. The thing that’s hard to get along is understanding barricade between men and women. But when you know the thing of her, it will be a huge help and relief for you seeking a happy .

A lot of it has to do with listening, of course. But even then, men might not be able to understand some points that women give them. But your willingness to work things done is a huge step. It’s the simple, meaningful stuff that’ll really get to her the most.

Here are some things you must know to completely make her happy.

1. Listen and put attention to her

If you want to make her happy, let her feel comfortable having someone who listens to her very intently. Every woman annoyed if you don’t listen in every detail and you keep asking her. There may be a lot of points and situations you may not even understand but try not to irritate. When they told you something they hate, wants or especially problems they want to open and express to you make her speak with her feelings. It’ll mean a lot to her.

2. Always give good compliments

Every women sometimes may feel irritate of themselves or insecure of the things around them. It’ll very disappointing when you forgot to tell how beautiful she was, how her hair is soft, how lovely and awesome she was. If you’re her man, you should know how good it was. Plus, tell something that she wants or dream about. Tell her how much you her ambition or passion. Things that’ll make her feel a lot happier about herself than giving silly compliments that she gets all the time.

3. Talk about your feelings for her

You can simply put a smile in her face when you talk about how much you love her every single day. No woman would deny the feeling of being loved and secured. You should know that this mean a lot to her. Don’t forget not only to talk, but show how much you love her and lucky to have her.

4. Give her a kiss on forehead or hand in public

Most of women are more sensitive when it comes of clingy things. Whenever she’s with you, she feels safe, secured and think that you are proud to her. Give them time to had a romantic date or going out watching a movie. Time makes perfect.

5. Bring her something sweet

Being in a relationship encounters a lot of shortcomings, misunderstanding and problems around. Sometimes you both need relievers and simple things that make to feel relax. Just pause everything and give time to sweet things. Chocolates, flowers are not complete without showing affection.

6. Don’t try to break her trust to you

Woman may felt better when you don’t lie to her. If you want less arguments and complicated, you must know your limits and her “DON’Ts”.

7. Be her partner in life

The feeling of having a partner in every happy moments, sorrow, exciting moments, the most embarrassing moments and at the same time become her best friend were the best feeling they always want to have. Women are very happy when you include her in your daily lives. Always talk to her in your everything and make her part of your life. It’ll be her greatest happy moment.

8. Pay attention to her little things

It’s not only those big days that mean the most to women. It’s the little things and smaller moments. When she has a big day at work, help to prepare breakfast and her stuffs could be one thing that makes it all go smoothly. It will be easier when you focus in her emotions, her stuffs and even small things in her life. Focus also on her body language during certain situations. A woman’s body will tell you all you really need to know. If you can pay attention to those things, you’ll be able to react in a way that’ll make her really happy.

9. Appreciate everything

She does for you and let her know always that you appreciate everything that she does for you. Never assume that she’s always be there for you, or because she loves you don’t have to put effort to deserve her anymore. If you really want her to be your side just don’t take her for granted. It will be your loss.

10. Make time to have fun and adventure

Your woman likes to spend time with you that’s why she’s with you and wants to go with you. Don’t forget that It’s important to spend quality time with her. Do things together that give you a chance to really talk, like having a date or going on a walk to the park or go to the places she wants to visit. Make time to have fun. She’ll probably have ideas for things she’d like to do, so ask her too. It will make her happier.

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