Posted on Nov 14, 2018

You have no time on learning something new during the day – this is no more than pretense. Thanks to new technologies, unique learning tools are every day in your pocket or bag. These are new mobile applications.

You just need to choose one, download it and study every free minute. Expand your horizons, learn languages, master musical instruments – live every day with benefits.

  1. TED

The official application of the same-named conference, which will help quench the daily thirst for knowledge. TED has collected over 2,000 lectures on a variety of topics. All videos are subtitled, you can download them for offline viewing, add bookmarks and create playlists.


Price: Free

Android: TED


  1. Khan Academy

This is the application of the educational service Khan Academy, with which you can learn for free almost anything. At your disposal are over 10,000 micro-lectures in the format of videos, articles and interactive exercises designed for people with any level of training.

Khan Academy

Price: Free

Android: Khan Academy

iOS: Khan Academy

  1. Curiosity

Inspiring application that allows you to expand your horizons and raise the level of erudition without unnecessary movements. Curiosity has interesting stories, challenging puzzles and entertaining statistics, as well as convenient search, quizzes and a weekly digest of materials.


Price: Free

Android: Curiosity

iOS: Curiosity

  1. DailyArt

If you have always wanted to understand art, but did not know how to start, try DailyArt. With this application you will get access to the collections of more than 500 museums around the world, you can get acquainted with the classical and contemporary works of art, as well as with their creators.


Price: Free

Android: DailyArt – Your Daily Dose of Art History

iOS: DailyArt

  1. Blinkist

Blinkist highlights the essence of non-fiction books, so you can read it in one a day, spending a minimum of time. There are more than 2,500 best-selling books in the library: from business literature to self-improvement books, which you can both read and listen at any convenient time.

Price: Free

Android: Blinkist – Nonfiction Books

iOS: Blinkist: Read More Nonfiction

  1. Duolingo

Popular application for learning foreign languages ​​in game mode. Replenish vocabulary, practice auditory and visual perception, train speaking skills. Step by step, you will daily approach the goal of becoming a polyglot.


Price: Free

Android: Duolingo

iOS: Duolingo

  1. Learn languages ​​with Memrise

Memrise helps you learn words in English and in more than 10 languages ​​in an entertaining way. Using the method of interval memorization and recorded video media, the application allows you to hone your speaking skills, set pronunciation and replenish your vocabulary daily.


Price: Free

Android: Memrise

iOS: Memrise

  1. Urban Dictionary

The application of the famous online dictionary of English slang, where you can always find out the meaning of incomprehensible words and expressions. Daily Urban Dictionary shows the word of the day, allowing informal English to be learned in an unobtrusive manner.

Urban Dictionary

Price: Free

Android: Urban Dictionary (Official)

iOS: Urban Dictionary

  1. Yousician

Do you feel unrealized musical ambitions? Try to learn a guitar, ukulele, or piano, spending a little time each day. Yousician will help you set up the tool and take you through all the steps of training – from simple to complex. As a result, you can play or sing your favorite song better than the original artist.

Price: Free

Android: Yousician Guitar, Piano & Bass

iOS: Yousician

  1. Enki

Enki application will help in the development of Python, HTML, JavaScript and other programming languages. Choose a level of training and take short lessons daily with exercises and mini-games to improve your skills.

Enki – improve programming skills, learn to code

Price: Free

Android: Enki: Learn better code, daily

iOS: Enki – improve programming skills, learn to code

And what application do you use for everyday studying?

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