Posted on Oct 24, 2018

Looking what to watch during fall season? What’s about new comedies? Funny plot will help to pass the time and perk up your mood. As it’s said, laugh lots – live longer.

2018 has been rich on good movies, so we’ve chosen the most funny for you. They surely won’t leave you indifferent. Invite friends and have a nice time.

I feel Pretty

Rene Bennett worries because of excess weight: when she gets tired of suffering in silence, she buys a card at the gym and goes to her first training. But she falls off the exercise bike and gets a head injury – now she is sure that in fact she is an indescribable beauty with perfect forms. Thanks to her self-confidence, she achieves success at work and attracts the attention of her boss, Mr. Avery Leklara.

Johnny English Strikes Again

At this time, temporarily retired agent, whom everyone has forgotten, once again is called on the headquarters, as his colleagues, one and all, were disclosed villains. The main favorite of the fatal beauties and just a person, who is able to keep the whole world on toes, is again force to defend the UK.

Peter Rabbit

Little restless rabbit Peter, by the will of fate, becomes the head of a large rabbit family, which, according to tradition, get its food in a nearby vegetable garden. When a farmer, who tried to lime rabbits, dies, the plot and estate becomes the property of his nephew Thomas. Now Peter is struggling to make life difficult for the young man.



A single mother, Kate, is working on several jobs to feed her three daughters. At the same time she is trying to study medicine. One fine day she is sent out to clean the yacht of a wealthy inconsiderate Mexican billionaire. The man, in a fit of anger, throws Kate’s things overboard, and after a few days he falls off the yacht and loses his memory. Wanting to take revenge, Kate disguises herself as his wife.

Deadpool 2

Crazy Deadpool has a new enemy – powerful half-cyborg Cable. In line with this, Deadpool decided to assemble a team of very strange superheroes.

Game Night

Max, Annie and their friends love different quests. One day, Max’s brother offers to play a new game, and he is immediately kidnapped. The company thinks that this is a quest, and readily rushes to find a friend.

Life of the Party

Diana was an ordinary housewife, which was completely satisfied with her life. But a quick divorce made her understand that she needs to change her everyday life. She decided to go to college and chose the same one, as her daughter. Now she has a completely different, already student, life.


The film tells about Ron Stallouort, an African-American police officer from Colorado, who manages to successfully infiltrate the local gang and take a fairly high position there.

Ocean’s 8

In the center of the plot are eight women planning to commit a “robbery of the century”. Debbie Ocean, sister of adventurer Danny Ocean, along with her longtime accomplice Lou Miller gathers a team of unique specialists. The goal of Ocean’s eight friends is a 150 million $ diamond necklace, which will be on the neck of famous actress Daphne Kluger during one social event. The plan for the heroines of the film is perfect, but what’s about its implementation?

Holmes and Watson

A story about private detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr. Watson. Eccentric duo takes on intricate investigation, making enemies all over the world.

And what are your favorite comedy movies? Tell us in comments!

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